For over 50 years, Paul Montgomery has been creating custom murals and hand-made wallpapers for world class interiors. His ever expanding, exclusive range of mural designs include themes and colors in Chinoiserie style, classical scenics of exotic locales around the world, tropical flora, and modern patterns. His clientele includes hotels, restaurants, clubs, and luxury residences. The Mural Source is a continuation of Paul Montgomery’s contributions to the interior design world.

Thanks to the latest printing technology and materials, The Mural Source can offer these exact same hand painted designs in high quality print reproductions. These printed reproductions embody the powerful and captivating presence of their hand-crafted precursors while being more versatile and affordable. Murals can span anywhere from 9 to 60 linear feet wide and 5 to 12 feet vertically. Designs also repeat, meaning the end of the scene flows into the beginning, creating a looping image that can envelop any size interior.

These technological capabilities allow for ever-evolving versatility in customization and accommodation. Murals are produced in panels that can be increased or decreased in scale to ensure the mural fits its intended space. Additionally, with the assistance of expert designers, certain panel adjustments are possible to assist visuals in complicated areas.

Over 200 mural options are available in their extensive and ever-growing catalog, accompanied by over 150 wallpaper patterns and art pieces. Both murals and wallpaper patterns are offered in multiple expertly designed colorways to ensure the wallcovering is perfect for your project. Custom coloring can be created based on provided materials or references. For custom designs, hand-painted murals can be created to bring to life any scene that will perfectly encompass the intended atmosphere desired for a project. is the showroom for all available products and options. Samples are available for each mural and come in several sizes and materials depending on the mural. Murals are available in standard nonwoven matte paper, type II water resistant vinyls, silks and more.

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