Interior Designer Q&A with Rachel Evans, Director of SCAD Art Sales

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Image courtesy of SCAD Art Sales

We had the pleasure of speaking with Atlanta visual artist and Director of SCAD Art Sales Rachel Evans about SCAD’s art, procurement process, and informative pointers for art patrons interested in their professional body of services and artwork. SCAD offers a variety of primier options to walk patrons through every creative stage from consulting and development to selection and acquisition and framing and presentation to delivery and installation. Enjoy this exclusive Q&A session with Rachel and learn more about the diversity of this iconic institution.

Image courtesy of SCAD Art Sales

Southern Home (SH): Is the artwork primarily commissioned, or is there an art gallery that individuals can stroll through at SCAD?  

Rachel Evans (RE): As a leading authority in art and design, SCAD is the preeminent partner for any commissioned or curated project, so our team can accommodate the various needs of individuals or organizations. Our existing inventory can be viewed by visiting one of our SCAD Art Sales showrooms in Atlanta, Savannah, Hong Kong, or Lacoste, France, and speaking with an art consultant for an in-person curated experience. When it comes to commissioned work, SCAD Art Sales has an expansive network of both emerging and established SCAD artists from an array of disciplines, finding the perfect artist for any particular project. Additionally, every year, SCAD Art Sales hosts Open Studio in Savannah and Atlanta, giving the local communities the opportunity to experience the work of these artists and purchase unique pieces.

images courtesy of SCAD Art Sales
Image courtesy of SCAD Art Sales

SH: Is there an online portal for potential buyers? 

RE: Yes! Simply go to We’ve had many clients purchase directly from the website and become repeat customers that we get to know very well through their interest in art. Whether it is finding a statement centerpiece or adding a pop of color to your home, the inventory online is a wonderful resource to browse at your leisure.

image courtesy of SCAD Art Sales

SH: If a buyer is new to purchasing art, is there a consultation?

RE: Absolutely. Free art consultation is part of the SCAD Art Sales experience—so whether you are a new patron or adding to your collection, our team of experts are here to assist you or collaborate with your designer. SCAD Art Sales is the premier source for art.

images courtesy of SCAD Art Sales
Image courtesy of SCAD Art Sales

SH: Do you go to their house or just rely on the buyer to talk about size, etc. 

RE: We do offer in-home consultation and the process varies based on the client’s needs. We can schedule a site visit and meet with the designated design professional, or it may be more convenient for the client to send a photo of the space. FaceTime and Skype also work well!

Oftentimes, clients prefer to receive a rendering of how an artwork or multiple artworks will look before installation, and we’re pleased to offer this design package to our list of services that expand beyond personal collections. We specialize in murals, custom art for commercial spaces, hospitality venues, and immersive curation for stadiums—as seen at the Art Collection at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium!

And finally, what art consultation would be complete without white-glove delivery to install your new artwork? SCAD Art Sales will arrange to have your art packaged, shipped, and installed by professional art preparators for an additional fee.


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