Before + After: An Unbelievable Potomac, Maryland, Home Transformed

Potomac, Maryland Home - Exterior, After
Photography by Angie Seckinger

Potomac, Maryland Home - Exterior, BeforeMuch like people, houses often need an opportunity to evolve. Whether because of the homeowners’ changing tastes and lifestyles or the inevitable passing of time, a home that once fulfilled all the requirements of an accommodating abode can suddenly become less than ideal—or stated more bluntly, dated. Such was the dilemma that faced Kristy and Rick Schultz. While their Potomac, Maryland, residence was by no means unlivable, its 1980s design had grown quite lackluster, particularly where the interiors were concerned. Calling upon the formative skills of architect Jim Rill, the couple embarked on a complete makeover.

Rill’s first inclination of creating a focal point for the front facade resulted in the addition of a stately double portico. With a pleasing mix of formal details, such as Tuscan columns and a Greek-influenced entablature, as well as more Americana elements like Chippendale railings and eaves enhanced with dentil molding, the stacked porches immediately establish a welcoming gesture.

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