A Professional’s Perspective: 5 Things You Need to Know Before Painting Your Home


high gloss white paint
Image from Jason Bertoniere, Inc.

Jason Bertoniere of Jason Bertoniere, Inc. has been in the painting business since 1998. Fine Paints of Europe recently named him one of their 13 Master Certified Painters in the country.

For homeowners, this is an excellent, informative way to know that a master certified contractor is a well-established company with many, many years of experience. It also informs clients that they are dealing with reputable and accountable painters, since one must prove one’s worthiness before even being nominated. In other words, it means that you, your family, and your project are in good hands.

We had the privilege of picking Jason’s brain and learning as many of his professional dos and don’ts as possible! So, before you take on your next painting project, make sure to check out these five painting rules from the professional himself. You might be surprised how many you have overlooked!

window seat
Image from Jason Bertoniere, Inc.

1. All paints are not the same

“Fundamentally, the amount of volume solids (costly material in the can: resin and pigments) determines the quality of the paint. High-quality paint has substantially higher amounts of solids and fewer fillers in a can. The phrase “you get what you pay for” certainly applies to paint. Generally speaking, more expensive paints have more and better resins (glue) and pigments (colorants), which are the key ingredients to great paint, thus translating into increased quality, durability, and color retention.”

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