How to Design the Kitchen You’ve Always Wanted

kitchen with dark hardwood floors and white cabinetry
Photography by Erica George Dines

Text by Karoline Smith

Remodeling a kitchen is among the most popular renovation projects of modern-day homeowners, and the average homeowner spend for doing so has increased 12% since 2016. As more and more people are enticed by the allure of Pinterest boards and home design Instagram pages filled with perfect kitchens, more and more are deciding to finally renovate. If you are looking to get the kitchen of your dreams, here are a few simple steps to ensure the renovation goes exactly how you planned.


Lake Martin kitchen
Photography by John O’Hagan

The starting point: Your desired style

Take time to figure out what you want first. This is the part of a remodel where you should allow yourself to go a little crazy with the creatives. Clip magazine photos, create Pinterest boards, and visit home and interior design shops that offer up inspiration. Don’t be afraid to focus on the small details, such as cabinet hardware you like, appliances you use on a daily basis such as your dishwasher, backsplash accent ideas, or even the perfect light switch for the kitchen. These will all come in handy later when you are deciding on the best way to tie them all in together.

Image from Southern Home magazine

Designing around the space

Once you have a good idea of what you want your kitchen to look like, you will need to bring all the pieces together to create a plan for the space as a whole. Unless you are doing a complete remodeling of your home, you are likely confined by certain space restrictions, and this is a great time to optimize the space you do have. It’s worth contracting the help of a designer who can introduce you to ideas that you may not have considered to complement your general ideas. You will want to focus on maximizing the efficiency of your kitchen by creating the best layout while also incorporating the design features you want.

white kitchen with natural light
Photography by Michael Hunter

Kitchen design trends you’ll want to include

What’s popular now won’t always be popular, so while it is a great idea to follow the current trends, ensure you are sticking to your personal tastes when creating the kitchen of your dreams. There are certain tips you can follow, however, such as combining dark finishes for the floors with a creamy white kitchen decor. Add antique wooden chandeliers over a kitchen island to create a sense of elegance and age in an otherwise modern space. Pull-out pantries can be added to optimize your space and add a modern touch to an otherwise classic-style kitchen. Farmhouse-style sinks are also a great way to incorporate a classic yet modern look when renovating and have shown to be timeless in their style.

luxurious kitchen
Photography by Emily Jenkins Followill

Focusing on functionality and comfort

Take advantage of advancements in technology in order to make your kitchen work more for you. Smart home devices are now available for all sorts of aspects of a home, and by incorporating them into your kitchen renovation, you can not only ensure you have the kitchen of your dreams in all of the stylish ways you wanted, but you will also have a space that is efficient and automated in order to ensure that you enjoy it to the fullest.

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