Country French Twist

“Contemporary art is a powerful way to keep a traditional home current and to give it a spark of the unexpected— the design becomes vibrant, active, and engaging,” she says. One of Chambers’s favorite artists, Jacques Lamy, has a gallery in Dallas. (Lamy, who hails from France, won the prestigious Prix de Rome in 1970.)

Leiser, now drawn to his work, is becoming a collector herself. “I have four of his pieces. Two are more modern, and the other two are very traditional,” she says. The lively Lamy in the foyer really brings together the color palette of the first floor.

The piece is titled Draw Me a Flower, a reference to the book by Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince, Chambers explains.

“It is a multimedia collage that starts with a vague image that becomes clearer as layers are added—and that’s a great illustration of the design process and of how art can unify a home.”

When choosing the palette, Chambers allows the size of the house to play a role. “In larger homes, the colors can vary more than in smaller ones.

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