Style Library: <em>The Ultimate Bath</em>In her previous books, The Perfect Bath and The Perfect Kitchen, Waterworks cofounder Barbara Sallick took readers on a journey through her creation of stylish yet functional spaces. In her newest book, The Ultimate Bath, Sallick focuses on the importance of home and the luxury of beautifully designed bathrooms. From a wide range of contributors including Nate Berkus, Gil Schafer, Nickey Kehoe, Brigette Romanek, Suzanne Kasler, Ray Booth, and Miles Redd, these baths are not only grounded by timeless elements, but they also manage to surprise and enchant.

Style Library: <em>The Ultimate Bath</em>Whether grand spaces dressed in mirrored and marble surfaces, bold rooms filled with rich color and pattern, or tailored ones exuding serenity, these baths serve as a visual blueprint for readers looking to create restful yet beautiful interiors. The Ultimate Bath celebrates the unexpected and inspires all to bring magical qualities to their own bathrooms, no matter how modest or magnificent.

Style Library: <em>The Ultimate Bath</em>

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