Proper Shutters

An architectural detail that won't go unnoticed, shutters are a critical element to consider when designing your new home.

Text: C. Brandon Ingram

When we think of those make-or-break details that can give a house stylistic authenticity, there are some that immediately come to mind: columns, cornices, window types, and exterior materials. Those decisions can be the heavy hitters of establishing architectural correctness. But it could also be argued that shutters are truly the unsung heroes of the house.

A pure expression of form following function, operable shutters are historically called on for quite specific functions: They provide security and protection for the house and its contents, including blocking out the sun’s UV rays that could damage furniture; they create privacy from passersby, often utilizing louvers to control the desired level of transparency; and they can provide an extra layer of insulation.

Although today we rarely rely on them for their originally intended purposes, shutters are still a critical element to consider when designing and building a new house. Here are few simple guidelines to consider to ensure that your shutters are architecturally and aesthetically complementary to your home.



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