Janie Molster’s New Book Features Bold & Sophisticated Homes

Designer Janie Molster releases a new book that features personalized, comfortable, and glamorous spaces.

Acclaimed Southern designer Janie Molster presents her new book—House Dressing: Interiors for Colorful Living—a lively collection of vibrant interiors and advice. Molster is known for creating family homes that are bold, sophisticated, inviting, and practical. She believes spaces should be individually tailored to your lifestyle and should express your personality. In this new volume, the designer reveals her secrets for crafting dreamy rooms and shares her down-to-earth ideas for creating your own beautiful home.

Showcasing a variety of projects, Molster invites her readers into country cottages, a riverside retreat, and her own farmhouse that she uses as her personal design lab. Molster describes her process behind each of her designs while exploring different styles such as glamorous, soulful, contemporary, and eclectic. Through House Dressing, Janie gives a master class in working with color, pattern, and texture to make spaces that are serene, comfortable, and always personal.

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