GF Contemporary Gallery Guides Clients Through a Collaborative Collecting Process

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GF Contemporary art gallery, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is dedicated to finding art that is fresh, compelling, and meaningful for the environments in which their clients live and work.

The ultimate objective of the gallery’s team is for the collector to feel engaged in an ongoing relationship which will ultimately result in a life enriched by fine art and the camaraderie of the collecting process.

One of the gallery’s top artists is Gigi Mills. She abstracts space and forms to reference the physical world. Her beaches, seasides, and interiors are placed in an impossible mixture of points of view, resulting in truly imaginary spaces.

Attention to flat geometric shapes, a rarity of detail, and a tendency to define her figures as silhouettes lend anonymity to her subjects. Mills deconstructs the everyday, then surprises by uniting layers of rich oils to capture ethereal images that are both intensely personal and timeless. The profound effects of nature seem to pray on the artist’s mind. Her images evoke thoughts of endurance and resurgence while also asserting the equally meaningful significance of the ordinary.

Gigi works in oil, sometimes glazing, which forces light to pass through many thin layers of paint. Sometimes she scratches the surface or digs out small chunks of paint in order to reveal a little of the history of a piece, that is, the under-painting of layers so important to the backbone of a painting.

No matter her current technique, style, or subject matter, it is always Mill’s foremost intention to create work of extraordinary beauty with the ballast of emotional complexity.

Please view Gigi’s work and that of other extraordinary artists at GF Contemporary in Santa Fe at 707 Canyon Road, online, or call 505.983.3707.

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