Holiday Tablescapes with Eric Ross and WILLIAMSBURG Brand

Design by Eric Ross Interiors
Photography by Ruby and Peach

Southern Home
caught up with noted Nashville designer Eric Ross to talk all things tabletop and floral arranging for the holidays. Eric worked with WILLIAMSBURG Brand to create a stunning tablescape featuring natural botanical elements, crimson, and black watch plaid for a light, fair holiday luncheon. Caskata’s WILLIAMSBURG Arcadia Crimson Collection and magnolias from Weston Farm were selected as the main elements to create this inviting tablescape. Eric shares his tips with you for creating a simple but elegant luncheon.

Create Height Differentiation

When decorating a sideboard or tablescape it’s important to create height differentiation. Use vintage or coffee table books from around your house as a riser, which help draw the eye to the center. Here Eric Ross used natural fruit and greenery as the lower element, Caskata Arcadia Crimson salad plates for the medium height element, and a floral arrangement for the tallest element. 

Incorporate Natural Elements

Eric used pomegranates and roses from the local grocer, Nandina Berries from his garden, and Weston Farms Magnolia Mini Bouquets.

Florist Created Bows

Store-bought bows can be flat; Eric Ross recommends bringing your favorite ribbon to your local florist so that they can make them for you. You can specify how many you might need and the lengths for the tails. 

Instead of a cheeseboard try using a serving platter.

Apothecary jars work year-round, you can interchange for any holiday. For this tablescape, Eric used a bag of cranberries and sat a pineapple on top, providing height.

Buy pre-packaged floral elements

Eric incorporated a hand-crafted natural mini magnolia bouquet from Weston Farms to provide height and texture to the tablescape. He used two in this vase (shown above) and surrounded it with fresh roses from the local grocer to add in the pop of crimson.

Spruce Up Store Bought Accents 

Upgrade the look of a topiary tree from your local grocery store or nursery. Use fabric or burlap to wrap the bottom of your store-bought topiary tree to spruce it up and use it for a centerpiece on your tablescape or sideboard.

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