Shelf Styling in the Southern Home

With spring in the air and a little bit more time at home to clean, provide your shelves with a little extra TLC by taking inspiration from some of our favorite styled shelves seen on social media.

Shelf Styling in the Southern Home
Photography by Brooke & Lou (@thehouseofbrookeandlou)

An assortment of objects in varied shapes and sizes adds interest and pizzazz to otherwise plain white shelves without making them feel cluttered.

Photography by Society Social (@societysocial)

Why limit shelf styling to the bookcase? A classic blue and white color combo pairs well with rattan accessories just waiting to be used when company can come over again!

Photography by Katherine Bramlett Melvin (@katherinebmelvin)

Ginger jars mixed with collected art and leather bound books creates a classic look.

Design and Photography by Caitlin Wilson (@caitlinwilsondesign)

Grouping books by color and stacking them from largest to smallest creates a sense of organization and intention when keeping your bookshelves from looking cluttered.

Photography by Ash Street Interiors (@ashstinteriors)

Bathroom shelves can look every bit as chic by displaying your favorite pamper-worthy products in glass jars, just don’t forget the color coordinated bath towels!

Design by Christian Ladd Interiors (@christianladdinteriors), Photography by JoAnna Robertson Photography (@joannarobertsonphoto), Florals by @pariedesigns

Neutral shelves pop when displaying your favorite bloom in a visually intriguing light fixture or a sconce delicately placed above the display make certain your shelves won’t go unnoticed.

Design and Photography by Paloma Contreras (@palomacontrerasdesign)

Less isn’t always more. The contrast of dark and light objects is striking and makes a shelf full of well collected items striking.


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