Design Destination: José Solís Betancourt & Paul Sherrill of Solis Betancourt & Sherrill’s Guide to D.C.

Food and Musings Around D.C.

Photography by Chez Billy Sud

Chez Billy Sud—This “delicious and charming” Georgetown restaurant is the definitive favorite of Solis Betancourt and Sherrill. The quaint eatery includes gorgeous brick walls, a copper-topped bar, and a cozy fireplace for guest to enjoy while sharing French fare and libations. The restaurant is currently offering takeout and delivery Wednesday to Sunday from noon until 8 p.m. due to the national and global COVID-19 pandemic.

Photography by Glenstone

Glenstone—The design duo’s favorite public space is outside D.C. in Potomac, Maryland. This private museum of Mitchell and Emily Rales has an extraordinary new building by Thomas Phifer that is truly breathtaking. Be sure to experience the two massive Richard Serras. This museum is one of the best kept secrets in town and everyone should know about it.


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