Ocean Oasis

Designer Ellen Kavanaugh creates a peaceful paradise for a couple looking to turn their favorite vacation destination into their full-time place of residence.

Ocean Oasis
Interior Design by Ellen Kavanaugh Interiors, Photography by Brantley Photography

Text by Marion Laffey Fox
Interior Design by Ellen Kavanaugh Interiors 
Photography by Brantley Photography

The North End of Palm Beach oozes a kind of mystical draw that appeals to many, including a Pennsylvania couple that chose to relocate when their younger son left for college. “I was lucky enough to come to Palm Beach with my parents when I was a child,” says the wife. “And I longed to relive those happy memories somehow.” Bordered by the Atlantic on the east and Lake Worth on the west, the charming, densely landscaped neighborhood is in no short supply of sandy beaches and is just removed enough from one of the nation’s most glamorous enclaves to exude its own more casual vibe.

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