Designer Q & A: Beth Webb

Photography courtesy of Beth Webb Interiors

SH: When you need inspiration, where do you find it?
BW: My son says if I have one more book on the living room coffee table, it’s going to break in half. I love my books, whether historical or recent monographs, and rotate them all the time. But travel inspires me the most. It’s always a shot in the arm.

SH: What’s a luxury you can’t live without?
BW: Well, time and quiet become more luxurious as we get older. But as far as material things, great bedding. Every time I come home, no matter what beautiful place I’ve been, there’s that wonderful thing about sleeping in my own bed. I’ve always loved cotton sheets but having just visited a couple of fabulous hotels where they were linen, I might be changing my mind. But I’ll never give up the Holland & Sherry blanket or good down pillows.


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