Designer Q & A: Beth Webb

Designer Q & A: Beth Webb
Photography courtesy of Beth Webb Interiors

SH: Let’s talk about how you incorporate art into your projects. Do you think about it decoratively now that you’ve been a designer for so long, or do you still approach it intellectually, given your background as a dealer and curator?
BW: It’s hard for me to separate those two parts of who I am. The adage that art shouldn’t match your sofa still rings true. If art is really good and powerful, in most cases, it works. Every house needs a story, and art plays a big part in that, which is why it’s such a wonderful thing to collect, particularly if you travel. You can be somewhere like Paris or Florence and find a watercolor or sketch on paper. It’s not only quite easy to put in your suitcase and bring it back, but it’s also the story you now have about where and when you found it.

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