Designer Q & A: Beth Webb

Designer Q & A: Beth Webb
Photography courtesy of Beth Webb Interiors

SH: How would you sum up your design philosophy?
Whether I’m doing traditional, transitional, or contemporary, I strive to be timeless. I don’t want a room to say 2020 when 2021—or 2030—comes along. But beyond aesthetics, comfort informs every decision I make. If it’s not comfortable, no one wants to live in it.

Photography courtesy of Beth Webb Interiors

SH: What makes a room timeless?
BW: It’s similar to creating a piece of art. I look at form, balance, and the relationship of objects, and I tend to think of them in triangles, as the eye travels across, up, and down. It’s the same with placement of color. I gravitate toward a monochromatic palette, although I’ll do strong color for people if they want it. However, we know when something’s trendy and when something can move forward, which is why I prefer neutral upholstery, particularly with large pieces. If you want a purple sofa, I’ll give you one, but I’m probably going to fight you on it. You’ll tire of it, and it’ll be more expensive to recover than to just change a purple pillow or throw on the back. It’s about how everything plays together.

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