Color Crush: China Blue

Color Crush: China Blue

Stemming from Chinese ceramics, these classically beautiful hues mix traditional and modern for a fresh look.

1. Cairo (wallpaper), in Blue & White, by Anna French
2. Cleo, Savoy, in Blue & White, by Anna French
3. Botanical, in Porcelain, by John Rosselli & Associates
4. Persea, in Bluestream-04, by Stroheim
5. Saranac, in Indigo, by Fabricut
6. Agra Emblem, in Indigo, by Fabricut
7. Arboretum, in Delft, by Fabricut
8. Cubism, Savoy, in Navy on White, by Anna French
9. Ischia, in Navy, by Thibaut
10. Dinner plate, Blue Lace, Salad plate, Imperial Blue by Mottahedeh
11. Define, in Midnight, by Fabricut
12. Ipswich, in Indigo, by Fabricut
13. Ebru Embroidery, in Blue, by Thibaut
14. Lulworth Blue, by Farrow & Ball
15. Ultra Marine Blue, by Farrow & Ball
16. Cook’s Blue,by Farrow & Ball
17. Rainstick, in Delft, by Fabricut
18. Ophelia (wallpaper), in Navy, by Thibaut

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