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Readers of Hoffman Media publications like Southern Home know that our staff of editors and test kitchen experts are not only professional chefs and eaters but avid home cooks as well. The kitchen is our happy place, and we’re all about using tools that make whipping up a fabulous meal as easy and enjoyable as possible. Most importantly, the tools we use simply need to get it right. Enter GIR | Get it Right.

GIR started out with a simple mission to revolutionize the spatula—and boy, did they. We didn’t think it was possible to improve upon the experience of flipping hot pancakes on Saturday morning, but their sturdy and easy-to-clean platinum-grade silicone spatulas did just that!

Since then, GIR’s team has served up a full line of kitchen products that are beautiful, functional, and fun. Their ladles, whisks, baking mats, and more are staples in our kitchens—both at work and at home.

When we heard that GIR was launching a new line of tools, including peelers, mashers, and basting brushes, we were thrilled! Hello, perfectly peeled fruits and vegetables. Bye-bye, lumpy mashed potatoes. As we’ve come to expect from GIR, these products are innovative and durable.

When developing new products, GIR evaluates hundreds of designs, emulating the best aspects and leaving the rest. That’s how they come up with game changers like their ridiculously comfortable mashers, perfectly flexible basting brushes, and the toughest tongs on the market. And the pièce de résistance? A spaghetti spoon that actually scoops pasta! (Has anyone had luck with these spoons in the past? Asking for a friend . . .)

Head over to their Kickstarter page by September 5 to support our friends at GIR in creating more epic kitchen tools. (Our hands—tired and weary from grasping inadequate tongs—thank you in advance!) And while you’re at it, check out their website to see their entire line of available products. We hope they inspire you to head to the kitchen and #cookhappy.

Kickstarter is an incredible community that helps brands like GIR bring products to life! Backers can fund and support projects to help offset production costs, so GIR can continue to bring the products you love to your home. Just back the campaign (it’s like placing a pre-order!) and be the FIRST to get your hands on these new products before they even hit the market!

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