Here’s What The Experts Say About Remodeling Your Bathroom

bathroom with free standing tub
Image courtesy of Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery

Amanda Webb Furlow, Showroom Consultant at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery tells all there is to know about making informed decisions when remodeling your bathroom. From do’s and don’ts to the latest trends, she shares it all and more in this Q&A session.

What should every homeowner bring to a showroom to make an informed decision on plumbing?

We encourage homeowners to bring elements that represent their style to the showroom. Bring along magazine photographs, color swatches, paint chips, rug patterns, Houzz Ideabooks, or anything else that reflects your vision for your home. Our product experts can pair these with product samples in the showroom. This helps the homeowner gain a better understanding of how all the elements will come together.

Our experts also help the homeowner explore any functionality preferences they may want from a product. They can help them explore products that are easy to clean, have smart features, or that enhance luxurious experiences.

Don’t forget to bring all your measurements with you. We recommend working with a great contractor or licensed professional.

We believe that seeing your project through from vision to completion is our job and why consumers and skilled trade professionals alike chose to work with us.

bathroom with free standing tub
Image courtesy of Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery

Are there trends that you are seeing regarding plumbing fixtures? This is a very open-ended question and could probably warrant a complete post on just this topic. 

The most significant trend in bathroom design is transforming the master bathroom into a spa getaway. Customers want their home to reflect their lifestyle and personality. The beauty of the spa trend is that there are endless options. The incorporation of luxurious pieces, such as freestanding tubs, digital showering systems, and bidets, help create relaxing experiences in the bathroom.

bathroom with free standing tub

Freestanding tubs—Modern, stand-alone tubs are the focus of any spa sanctuary. They are striking in shape with sleek lines and geometric forms. The freestanding tub can be coupled with a broad range of freestanding faucets and coordinating hand showers. The generous size of the tub also offers the ultimate in comfort and all-around relaxation.

Digital showering systems—Homeowners are turning a routine shower into a personalized hydro-therapy experience with the help of a digital interface system. The digital display functions as a remote control—it allows homeowners to save their ideal temperatures and showerhead combinations, as well as play music from a handheld device, such as a smartphone.

Bidets—Over the previous few years, the trend to include a bidet in the home has been growing. Besides adding to the spa feel, bidets also help to improve hygiene and decrease waste of toilet paper. Options are available for a stand-alone bidet, a bidet toilet seat, or an integrated smart toilet with bidet functionality.

Finally, for color choices, homeowners are pairing light and neutral tones with bold accent pieces. For example, the homeowner may pair faucets and accent lighting in polished chrome or polished nickel finish with a bold red or deep blue vanity to add interest to the room.

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