A Dallas New-Build Designed to Look like It Has Been There for Years

A new-construction home overflowing with timeless architectural details and classic furnishings perfectly melds the present with the past for a Dallas family.

grand entryway
Photography by Nathan Schroder

Text by Tiffany Adams

Goodbyes are never easy. That’s part of the reason this Dallas family decided moving to another neighborhood wasn’t an option. However, style updates, as well as the need for a separate in-law quarters, pressed the desire for more space. “We had lived in the same house for 20 years, so we knew the value of the street,” the homeowner says. “Not only was it well located within the city, but it also held a lot of memories for us, such as walking our three children to elementary school. It’s really a small town in the midst of urban sprawl. We didn’t want to leave that.”

outdoor pool
Photography by Nathan Schroder

Lucky for them, the house next door, which belonged to a family who had lived in the neighborhood for 40 years, became available. “They gave us their ‘blessing’ to tear the house down and start fresh because they loved our street and knew we would build the type of home that would fit into the neighborhood,” the homeowner says. And, while they first considered remodeling the original home, in the end, this was the easiest way to achieve all of their goals.

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