This House in Alys Beach Is Anything but Traditional

Known for her fearless use of color, Houston designer Katie Scott creates a vacation retreat for her brother and sister-in-law that breaks all the rules, yet gets it just right.

Alys Beach guest bedroom
Photography by Tria Giovan
Alys Beach guest house bedroom
Photography by Tria Giovan

The guest bedrooms received their fair share of color with black and white animated by punches of vivid yellow. In one room, a simple platform bed rests on a black-and-white rug while yellow accessories add a bit of interest. In the guest house, a black tester bed with brass accents takes center stage. A desk and chair echo the bed’s materials, while a sunshine-colored rug underpins the glamorous space.

Alys Beach master bedroom
Photography by Tria Giovan

For the master retreat, Scott took a turn toward the classic with blue-and-white textiles mixed with wicker furnishings for an old-school vibe. As the designer explains, the room’s décor offers the perfect antidote to the energy of the rest of the house—and the perfect place to drift to sleep in this vacation home that was once only a dream.

Grab a copy of the issue below to see this entire dream beach home!

March/April 2018 Cover


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