A Chalet Hidden in the Vast Tennessee Mountainside

The home’s sleek kitchen features top-of-the-line appliances, poplar pantry doors with a custom finish, Ralph Lauren ceiling fixtures, and reproduction mid-century counter stools. “The client was very vocal about the choice of marble,” Arnold says. “We knew it was going to run up the backsplash and would be a focal point, so it was important to pick an impressive specimen.” With its branching gray veins, the remarkable slab of Calacatta seems to recall the artful shadow of a winter tree.

The owner is not a prolific cook, Arnold notes, so the adjacent dining room was made into a multipurpose space. With its round center table, towering bookshelves, framed art, and interesting pottery pieces, “it could almost be a library,” Arnold says. “We didn’t want it to be formal by any means. These features help bring down the mood of the space.”

The bedroom’s plush rug is tufted from a poly fiber that feels like silk.

The master suite’s proportions are strikingly similar. Built in a standard 1950s style, the formerly choppy retreat necessitated the greatest reconfiguration of all. Now, a newly maximized floor plan has rendered it simple yet sumptuous, with hotel-quality comforts such as a silky rug and vibrant peacock velvet headboard. Soaring ceilings and picture windows help the room breathe, while soft draperies dress the glass for privacy—not that one would need it.

To that end, Arnold even built the master shower around an undressed window, making the experience of lathering up even more invigorating. “The view through the shower is the first thing you see when you walk into the room, so we chose to hide all the controls on the back wall,” the designer says. Even a luxurious marble treatment on the vanity doesn’t steal the spotlight from the most important aspect of this home—its stunning vista.

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