Luxury Meets Practicality in an Atlanta Home Renovation


luxury kitchen makeover
The kitchen’s makeover brings in marble, bluestone, and wood finishes paired with airy nickel lanterns and simple barstools. “The owners wanted more than just island seating, so a built-in table fits snugly at the end of the island,” says Hart. “It’s where they have morning coffee.”

The kitchen, now completely unrecognizable from its former state, offers both luxury and practicality. Forgiving bluestone floors work well with pets, and a hardworking pantry tucks away the busyness of the kitchen—the microwave, freezer, warming drawers, and wine cooler. Hart added a punctuation mark to the mostly white space in the form of an oak island. The same wood appears in the arched niche for the stove that includes convenient shelves for spices and cookbooks. “The oak warms up the bright kitchen and keeps it from looking too sterile,” says Hart. “It also creates a nice balance against the more contemporary marble backsplash.” For the hardware, the designer chose polished nickel. “We didn’t jump on the trend of brass,” Hart says. “Polished nickel stands the test of time.”

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