Before + After: A Serene Charlotte Renovation

By keeping the front façade relatively intact while placing the more expansive additions in back, architect Ruard Veltman artfully designed this renovation to suit both the homeowners and the neighborhood.

Text: Robert C. Martin
Photography: Jeff Herr

Being a good neighbor means more than just an occasional wave to the person next door or a friendly chat with the new folks on the block. It also involves having a keen understanding of what defines and characterizes a community, as well as appreciating the established context of the structures that comprise it. After all, anyone can tear down a house and start over, but it takes a certain sensibility to preserve a home’s given attributes while enhancing other areas that need improvement.

Through the well-planned renovation of their Charlotte residence, Beth and Steve Purdy proved their neighborly intentions. After living in the house for a decade, the couple had clocked in enough time to develop an astute course of action. They began by placing the project in the capable hands of architect Ruard Veltman and interior designer Julia Palen Wood. “The existing house had a traditional, red-brick Georgian appearance that the Purdys found a bit too formal,” Veltman explains. “However, in respecting the overall character of the neighborhood, they didn’t want to suggest anything that seemed out of place.” To address these issues, Veltman and Wood worked together to maintain the home’s integrity while subtly incorporating modern elements to better suit the family’s daily routines.

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