This Staircase Was Our Most Popular Photo on Instagram Last Year

The family room includes a comfortable lounge area, as well as a game table.

Although numerous cherished pieces can be found throughout the home, Walsh also kept the design current with contemporary items and materials. The formal living room includes a reupholstered antique bench and a classic Baker sofa paired with modern art by Sammy Peters on the mantel and antique gilt brackets displayed in Lucite frames. “He’s not afraid to try unexpected combinations; it’s a true talent of his,” Cindy says of Walsh’s often out-of-the-box approach to mixing new and old. “This house really has sort of a transitional feel,” Walsh adds. “I think modern pieces and soft colors make a traditional space feel less stiff.”

Stairwell with Christmas garland
Photography by Rett Peek

The result of Walsh’s work is a home boasting charm and function—especially during the holiday season. “Cindy really uses her dining room; it’s not just for looks,” the designer says. “This is the spot where she hosts family get-togethers and holidays. And it connects to the kitchen, so it’s really kind of perfect in terms of functionality.” Cindy attests, noting her fondness for china and table settings. “When I was growing up, rather than playing with dolls, I always played with the china sets,” she laughs. Many pieces in her collection were handed down from her mother and her grandmother, as well as from Warren’s mother, and Cindy enjoys mixing them with contemporary plates, serving pieces, and linens to make it her own.

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