10 Cozy Fireplaces for Your Fall Mood

A fireplace has a large impact on the look and feel of a room. Often serving as the anchor to a living space, fireplaces draw the eye an evoke a sense of warmth and luxury. Whether narrow or wide, wood or stone, a fireplace is a timeless touch that we are especially fond of during the cooler months. We have put together a list of our 10 favorite fireplaces that are sure to get you in the mood for a cozy autumn evening!

Lakeside Luxury

lake house rock fireplace
Photography by Chris Luker, Design by Bill Ingram

See the rest of this serene and refined lake home here.

Breakfast Nook + Living Room Duo

Photography by Robert Radifera, Styling by Charlotte Safavi, Design by Lynni Meggison

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An Evening Outdoors

Photography by John O’Hagan

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Comfort with a View

Photography by Gordon Beall, Design by Anne Dutcher Interiors

Dining by the Fire

Dining room with fireplace
Photography by Gordon Beall, Design by Anne Dutcher Interiors

Elegant Ambiances

Elegant living room with fireplace
Photography by Christopher Alexander, Design by J. Randall Powers

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Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Living

Photography by John O’Hagan, Design by Rhea Crenshaw

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Fit For a Castle

bedroom with rock walls and a fireplace
Photography by John O’Hagan & Julie Ross, Design by Rhea Crenshaw Interiors

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Classically Rustic

Photography by Anthony Masterson, Design by Mark Simmons Interiors

Too see the rest of this refined mountain, shop the issue here.

A Cozy Abode in Alys Beach, FL

Alys Beach living room and fireplace
Photography by Colleen Duffley, Design by Leigh Richardson

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