Showhome Created for a Cause

Creativity and compassion combine in a special showhome project designed to raise awareness and offer hope.

Bench seating leading to outdoor living area
Photography: Chris Lucker

Amazingly, apart from the addition of a pantry and a new space for the dining room, the finished design maintains the same footprint the existing house and garage once occupied. CAI added second floors to each structure as well and connected them with the breakfast room and adjoining outdoor spaces.

Originally an open breezeway between the main house and the garage, the enclosed breakfast room provides an ideal connector to both structures, as well as the outdoor spaces. Impeccable Peacock pavers also tie together this casual mealtime spot with the adjoining courtyard and dining terrace. Further accenting the space, a custom banquette, along with ornately cut appliqués that adorn the ceiling, cleverly echo the curved edges of the kitchen island found close by.

Hanging couch
Photography: Chris Lucker

And rather than emulate any particular architectural style, Reebals says the team’s chief objective was to create a unified outcome that fit their intents. “As with any CAI project, I was more concerned with the proper siting, connections, and massing of the house,” he says. He and Goodman agree that its appearance and interiors convey an eclectic, Old-World demeanor established by fine craftsmanship and rustic materials. “And when you weave Kayla’s journey and the OHOH organization into the mix,” the architect concludes, “it puts everything into perspective.”

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