Stunning Capitol Hill Home Renovation: Before + After

Q&A with Aidan Design:

SH: What was the primary design goal in this kitchen?

Aidan Design (AD): The biggest goal was to lighten and brighten the kitchen. The original kitchen was a dark stained wood with exposed brick and a fireplace.

SH: How did the architecture guide your design decisions in this space?

AD: The house is a Federal row home on Capitol Hill. We really wanted to create a new kitchen that felt like it could have been part of the original architecture. We love the high ceilings and tall windows and having the cabinetry go up to the ceiling with beautiful moldings was an important part of integrating the kitchen into the original architecture—classic design with modern sensibilities.


before kitchen

SH: What elements stand out to you the most in this kitchen?

AD: The built-in bench is a lovely detail and was something the clients wanted from the get-go. It provides a great focal point. To the right of the sink and across from the powder room door, we wanted to have a built-in food pantry, and we liked the idea of making that look like a hutch. What’s clever here is the design of the freezer drawers at the bottom and pantry storage above.


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