Stunning Capitol Hill Home Renovation: Before + After

dining room
Photography by Angie Seckinger

The major renovation included revising living room passages, deleting the dining room fireplace and chase, and completely overhauling the kitchen powder room and the master bed and bath. Custom millwork and closets completed the project to attain the functionality needed for this expanding family.

Enjoy our exclusive insight from each design team on how they used their expertise to bring this historic home to life and create a forever home for a growing family!

Q&A with Marika Meyer:

Southern Home(SH): What were the goals of this project?

Marika Meyer (MM): I had previously worked with these clients on another house on Capitol Hill. As their family expanded, they wanted a home that had more room for them to grow, and this was the perfect house! It required a fair amount of renovation to meet their functional and aesthetic needs.

before mantel

custom white mantel
Photography by Angie Seckinger

SH: What was the inspired the style of this project?

MM: The design is firmly grounded in traditional roots, but with updated elements.

Custom library built-in
Photography by Angie Seckinger

SH: What are the most notable aspects of the project?

MM: Highlights of the project include the kitchen renovation, which was previously dark and did not have an eat-in area. The corner banquette is one of my favorite elements in the house, as is the living room. We reworked the master bedroom and designed the wall of built-ins to ground a new conversation area that is also a favorite


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