Online Estate Sale Company: Everything But The House

(SH): Is there a minimum limit of items to qualify for your service?

(BG): No! Obviously, there are logistics to consider and a great deal of effort that goes into selling each item, so we’re trying to balance the potential of the consignment with the effort and expenses required to keep it mutually beneficial. To that end, we offer our full-service option, we schedule drop-offs of consignments at our physical locations, and we even offer mail-in consignment, where we’ll help you coordinate shipping to our central processing facility. In short, we’re working very hard to support everyone we can.

Photo: Everything But The House

(SH): What qualities do you look for in the items that you sell?

(BG): The truth is that every category of object you can imagine has the potential to generate interest in the market. Generally speaking, we’re working to identify items that are going to catch someone’s attention and excite them at the chance to own it, or, minimally, at least fulfill a need for their new owner. We work diligently to know the market and in doing so, we segregate items into categories of “salable,” “donatable,” and “disposable,” based on our comprehensive insight into the market. This is why it’s crucial not to get rid of anything before connecting with a professional.

(SH): We read that your company culture is heavily centered around trust. How have you seen that foundation contribute to the success of your company?

(BG): In most instances, we’re working with sellers during a very vulnerable time in their life with objects that have an emotional attachment while having limited insight into its terms of current market value. For that reason, sellers are hesitant to trust anyone who they do not feel has their best interest at heart. It’s for that reason that we look at every client’s situation as an opportunity to overcome those fears, advocate for their best interests, and exceed their expectations. The core of our business is driven by referrals from clients that have partnered with us during their journey. Without their support and testimony, it’s much more difficult to develop new relationships.

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