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(SH): How does the process work? Do clients submit a form or submit images?

(BG): One of the most important things we do is simplify the process and remain approachable with the understanding that we are working to sustainably advocate for our sellers’ best interests. Along those lines, potential sellers can simply visit us at or call us at (844) 262-7459 to initiate the process. We work to understand the seller’s goals, determine the best way for them to communicate their situation, and utilize both remote and physical means to complete a no-cost consultation to make sure we’re the right fit for their needs.

(SH): How far will your team travel?

(BG): Well, I worked with an EBTH team in South Dakota a little over a week ago to initiate the sales process. And over the past several days, I’ve been traveling between Las Vegas (NV), Los Angeles (CA), Bakersfield (CA), Occidental (CA), and Middletown (CA) to work with potential clients. While we have physical operations in Boston (MA), Baltimore (MD), Washington (DC), Charlotte (NC), Columbus (OH), Chicago (IL), Dallas/Ft. Worth (TX), and of course where we started, Cincinnati (OH), we always say that as long as we can manage the logistics based on the opportunity to keep it a win-win, we’re willing to consider any opportunity.

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Photo: Everything But The House

(SH): What is the price of your services?

(BG): As I mentioned, the goal is win-win! Therefore, we predominantly work on commission, so we only make money when the seller does. We’re always working to provide a combination of both the most exceptional experience and service that a client can hope for, while also working to generate the largest amount of proceeds the market can offer. Since we work with clients that have anywhere from tens to hundreds of items in their homes or businesses to a single item, and those items can range from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars per item, we have to be open-minded. Generally speaking, sellers can see anywhere from 50% to 85% of the sale proceeds, depending on their unique situation.

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