8 Instagram Accounts for the Best Interior Design Inspiration

Here's our all-star list of Instagram accounts to follow with all the inspiration you'll need for the place you call home. We're definitely double tapping all of these gorgeous images!

green and white living room
Photo | Instagram via @Schumacher1889

1. Schumacher: @schumacher1889

The timeless supplier for luxury home goods is winning on the web. Schumacher’s effortlessly chic style translates beautifully on their IG feed. Each post is rich with color and texture that will have you double tapping every image!

neutral reading nook

2. Ginger Barber: @gingerbarber.interiordesign

Ginger Barber’s Instagram feed is a repost haven! The only problem is that it’s so hard to choose just one image. Her neutral and harmonious designs are simply mesmerizing.

Grand living room with large windows

3. STARK Carpet: @starkcarpet

Not only is Stark the king of carpets and rugs, but they have an extremely scroll-worthy Instagram feed. Full of dramatic spaces and luxurious designs, their posts are sure to inspire greatness.

Light blue front door

4. Marie Flanigan: @marieflaniganinteriors

We don’t know how she does it. Time and time again, Marie Flanigan perfects the combination of simplicity and sophistication. Each room she designs—along with all of her Instagram posts—truly begs to be explored!

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