Designer Q&A with Jonathan Savage

Exclusive Q&A session with one of Nashville's biggest names in interior design and architecture. Get insight on his inspiration and tips on entertaining!

Orange and pink rose centerpiece
SAVAGE Interior Design

(SH): You have a nice pop of orange with your flowers, which plays nicely with your blue chairs in this table setting. What inspired your color scheme? Please elaborate more about your thought process.

(JS): I chose to use orange and blue in my dining room because I always keep a print in my library by J. Robert Scott called Confetti. After purchasing my own home, I knew I had to incorporate the print in some way. The dining room was the perfect focal point with the right pops of color and varying patterns.

(SH): What is your favorite way to entertain?

(JS): Nothing makes me happier than just having a few close friends over and using my Richard Ginori china. Using pieces I love and sharing them with people special to me makes me enjoy it even more.

(SH): Do you have any entertaining tips to share with our readers?

(JS): When I entertain, I actually like to spend time with my guests rather than cooking while they are there. I usually keep it very simply and manageable when I am able to. In the summer, I choose a simple cold appetizer ranging from prosciutto and melon to gazpacho followed with a divine salad filled with the freshest ingredients and a little protein. I like to retire to an outdoor area and finish it off with something sweet and an after-dinner drink. To keep the flow of the evening moving, I like to have drinks in one area, dinner in another area, and then dessert in yet another.



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