10 Lounge-Worthy Pools

Stylish outdoor space complete with pool.
Photography | Michael Hunter

Text | Frances Macdougall

If you ask a design expert for advice on the most worthy investment related to furnishing your house, the answer is often something like this: “Buy the best you can afford.” The response from Dallas designer Cathy Kincaid is similar, but her reason has nothing to do with investment value or resale projections. For her, it’s all about quality and timelessness. Her affinity for reusing and repurposing is evident throughout her portfolio, as well as in her home in the Preston Hollow area.

Kincaid is a master at stylish outdoor spaces, defying the arid Dallas heat by using cool colors and furnishings that nod to turquoise water and sky.

To accomplish this, she reused the best of what was available—and reupholstering or painting if necessary—Kincaid brought new life to dated pieces. She also encouraged the homeowner to invest in pieces that serve current needs. “We call it a fruit basket turnover,” she says—it’s about preserving the best of the past while investing in the future.


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