10 Lounge-Worthy Pools

Backyard area with pool and lounge chairs.
Photography | Carlos Domenech

Text | Andrea Fanning

Architect Jorge L. Hernandez applies classical style, historical influence, and modern sensibility to design a home for the ages in this french-inspired village of coral gables.The backyard is a private oasis, complete with lounge chairs by Sutherland and outdoor lighting by Bevolo.

This French village is one of the historic districts of Coral Gables, and though most of the homes bear the marks of Merrick and Schmidt, one was built in the new millennium, an original by world-renown architect Jorge L. Hernandez. This professor and practitioner of architecture has built his career on creating designs that reflect the best of the past and present and that help shape communities for the future. So when ownership of the only remaining unbuilt lot in Merrick’s French village landed in the hands of a businessman who was ready to break ground, Hernandez was at the top of the list to design the structure.


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