A Stunning Home Where Opposites Attract

Text: Charlotte Safavi | Photography: Michael Hunter

“With four kids ranging in age from 2 to 13, I’d say my clients have all sorts of color in their lives,” laughs interior designer Ashley Goforth as she talks about her latest project, a renovated 6,100-square-foot, five-bedroom family home in Houston’s historic River Oaks neighborhood. As it turns out, one of the homeowners (the wife) and Goforth also share some local color, having attended the same alma mater. “We go back a long way,” the designer says. “We weren’t in the same grade, but we both attended Memorial High School.”

Goforth was hired in 2015, along with architect Roger Cooner and builder Frasier Homes, to update the home and refine its layout. “The homeowners wanted a comfortable, kid-friendly house with vibrant, colorful spaces for entertaining,” she says. “They are active philanthropists, and they frequently host events.”

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