An Art-Driven and Color-Splashed Redesign

The client moved to her new Charleston abode with very few possessions, preferring to start over from scratch. The contents of her art studio made up the greatest proportion of her kept belongings.
 Custom millwork and built-in bookcases fit comfortably among the home’s existing architectural details and honor its history, neatly framing the Victorian glass windows and providing ample space for the homeowner’s vast collection of books. Replacing all light fixtures in the residence also infused it with modern flair. In the living room, a crystal donut-shaped chandelier sourced through Restoration Hardware is decidedly the crown jewel of them all. “It’s on the second floor, and you can just barely see it from the street,” Mitchell says. All told, the apartment reads like a party personified. Adding a metaphorical wink, Mitchell says, “You can’t quite tell what’s going on up there, but you know it’s something fun.”
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