An Art-Driven and Color-Splashed Redesign

Set on a corner lot, the classic Charleston single is unusually light and airy, with 14-foot ceilings and—of course—a sizeable second-story porch. The homeowner makes the most of this liberal layout in several respects. “Every room has a place to recline and to set down a glass of wine,” says Mitchell, who adds that even the custom swing bed on the porch has a holder for her favorite vintages. “This is not an entertaining house. It’s entirely for her.” The floor plan is also ideal for the owner’s artistic endeavors, since it affords fresh air and plenty of sunshine for oil painting.

The homeowner moved to Charleston without much in the way of possessions—mainly her books, wardrobe, personal effects, the contents of her studio, and a small haul of treasured artwork, including a painting made by Aboriginal women (which hangs above the living room fireplace). She also had a few precious pieces of Japanese pottery.

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