A Redesign by the Darling of Daring Color

The living room incorporates many existing pieces in the Smiths’ family collection. To give the space a fresh look, designer Holly Hollingsworth Phillips added fresh elements such as Pindler drapes in Jefferson Lime Linen and abstract art by Chris Hayman. Says Phillips, “It is the perfect balance of old and new.”

Written by Andrea Fanning | Photography by Dustin Peck

Tree-lined streets and curved driveways border the route through the historic Myers Park neighborhood in Charlotte, North Carolina, to the residence of Beth and Kevin Smith. From the drive, the view of the front facade suggests a 1920s home with substantial character. Once inside, the notion is underscored by a traditional floor plan filled with vibrant hues and captivating patterns.

These eye-catching attributes are the calling cards of a home designed by Holly Hollingsworth Phillips, co-owner of The English Room. And while these features often garner first attention, the designer’s ability to combine and layer old and new ensures the spaces will be both inviting and interesting for years to come. “I’m always on the hunt for new and exciting patterns, but most of the things I’m drawn to have a nod to the past,” says Phillips, who worked for and trained with Sotheby’s before launching her career in interior design. For this particular project, the designer drew from her archival research at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum to help set the tone.

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