A Georgian Home with All the Right Hues

While these features give the home its comfortable feel, its personalization shines in the artwork that catches the eye at every turn. “My client loves art, and that was an important piece of our design,” the designer says. Many of the art selections were commissioned pieces created by local Georgia artists. “And since she is a former teacher, she is also very fond of structure and organization,” Morris says of the homeowner. “We incorporated those aspects into the home as well.” From the pantry, which features a designated cubby for every imaginable type of serving ware, to the playroom’s library, where books are grouped by topic while crayons and craft supplies are neatly stowed in glass canisters, everything has a place. “Because the client was very involved in the entire process, these personalized touches appear throughout the interiors,” says the designer. “The result is a house that really reflects this family.”


  1. Please tell me what magazine is “a georgian home with all the right hues” is featured in? I can’t find this particular featured article in any of my Southern Home, Souther Lady, Cottage Journal, Cottage Style Home…this is baffling and frustrating to me.
    Thanks for you prompt attention to my question.


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