An Arkansas Dream Home with Aged Elegance

In contrast, Steve’s art interests are far more contemporary in scope. Unlike the pastoral scenes his wife prefers, his collection consists of renowned street artists who work in spray paint and other trendy mediums. “Steve is a longtime patron of the arts,” the designer says. “While the subject matter of his pieces looks traditional, the materials by which they’re created are very modern.”

masculine and mixed-patterned bedroomOnce assembled and put into place, the furnishings, accessories, and personalized touches Goddard and his team selected establish a sense of persistent, well-culled aesthetics. And that was the designer’s ultimate goal. “I love the fact that we created a place where the contents look as if they were collected over years—not months,” he says. “By layering details, we gave each room an ample measure of ready-made character.”

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Southern Home March/April 2017 cover


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