A Historic Georgian Meets Contemporary Tastes

Moura Starr’s high-tech crystal chandelier sets the glazed linen ceiling aglow with LED light.

The new owners were eager to highlight the homes’s gracious mouldings and decorative millwork. “We simply offset the historic elements with modern furnishings and minimalist details,” Jamieson notes. The foyer’s vibrant yellow chinoiserie silk panels, hand-painted with cherry blossoms by muralist Paul Bertholet, announce this design shift. “From here, you look through the house to the lawn, which descends in tiers to the James River,” says Jamieson.

The dining and living rooms were painted in high-gloss neutrals from Jamieson’s own Bridget Beari Colors. “Your eye moves from yellow to creams, keeping the spaces united,” the designer explains. Above the dining table, Moura Starr’s LED chandelier puts a spin on the traditional crystal version. With its wiring mounted on the ceiling, the piece looks suspended in midair. The taupe palette continues in the kitchen, where pine cabinets were lacquered and paired with Calacatta marble countertops and a custom marble sink.

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