Big Style Meets Tight Spaces

For the kitchen backsplash, Kole chose a unique style of circles in three materials—white marble, travertine, and black granite.

Because the house has a completely open floor plan with no separate dining room or den, everything had to work well together, says Kole. As a result, many new items were in order. “I decided to put the majority of my antique pieces and family heirlooms in the master bedroom and guest bedroom, as these are separate from the main living areas,” she says. “I wanted the family spaces to be a bit more contemporary, and many choices involved not only making sure that the rooms communicated with each other from a decorating standpoint, but also that people could communicate easily with each other in those spaces.” With that in mind, the designer included swivel chairs in the family room that can turn to face the kitchen and dining alcove, as well as plenty of room at the island for people to sit and engage with those cooking.

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