A Dream Home with a Harmonious Flow of Color

The overall color scheme was soft in hue, but the designer gradually introduced deeper shades throughout the home. “We started in the foyer with light-blue wallpaper and painted the banisters white with navy blue posts and railing instead of black,” says Proxmire. The other rooms ranged from lighter blues and pale greens to medium tones, and even to the dark navy found in the family room and study.

For the Wellers, the shift from all neutrals to an unexpected mix of blues and greens captures the bright, comfortable atmosphere they wanted yet still feels quite sophisticated. Proxmire, known as the skillful color mixologist, says, “Looking from the dining room, through to the foyer, and on to the living room— there’s a flow of colors that don’t match but they harmonize.” And this same harmony exists among all the furnishings, fabrics, artwork, and accent pieces throughout the home.

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