A Classicly Beautiful Renovation from an Atlanta “Dream Team”

Westbrook matched style to scale by combining inspiration from the Old Dominion and the Deep South. Antique pewter, crewelwork, rich wood tones, wrought iron, and turned legs appear throughout the home. Westbrook notes, “For us, it was about mixing styles—giving the house a stateliness that didn’t feel too stiff or unapproachable.”

Amid soaring arches and impressive molding, textures help define the refined vibe.

Smooth silks and heavy chenille live alongside slipcovered sofas and burlap pillows. “I like things that have a feel when you touch them,” says Westbrook, who used some of the remnants from her textile collection to enhance certain decorative accents. She also put signature touches on the kitchen cabinetry and in the bathrooms. “I always include a few things that are unexpected and one-of-a-kind. Maybe it’s something that was handmade or perhaps has a flange or a welted edge to give it that personal look.”

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