A Classicly Beautiful Renovation from an Atlanta “Dream Team”

An oval pool, designed by Jeremy Smearman of Planters landscape design firm, rounds out the backyard.

When Westbrook and project designer Kim Winkler met with the homeowners, it came as no surprise to find the couple had a penchant for history and hospitality. “The husband went to UVA, so they loved the idea of honoring those ties with the rotunda in their home,” says Westbrook. More Virginian influence came from Monticello and its Roman neoclassical designs, but the homeowners also wanted to temper the stateliness with warmth. “They have two young daughters, and they wanted a welcoming place for them to grow up,” says the designer.

This kitchen is one of my favorites,” says Westbrook. “It was a challenge to design because there were so many functions. The homeowners have busy lives, and they do the typical meals plus snack duty for the children and their friends. But they also wanted a full chef’s kitchen with a deep fryer and steamer.” The thick walnut butcher block was chosen for its beauty and durability. Leaded glass featured in select cabinet fronts brings a vintage touch to the room. Neutral walls yield an open, airy feel, and custom iron pendants with pleated shades continue to lighten the space.

In a unified sort of divideand- conquer manner, Westbrook crafted interior plans and palettes with a nod toward Colonial times, while Summerour and his team worked to execute the home’s architectural marvels. “I wanted to bring light and activity to the center of the house,” says Summerour of the rotunda. He gave it “a sculptural element” that propelled the plans for the entire home, employing masterful tricks of the trade to make the most of the space. “As an example, the doors in the rotunda are curved, and the second floor is smaller with walls that slope inward, creating a sense of greater height,” explains the architect.

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