A Big Easy Home with Attitude

Scott takes a modern approach to the traditional living room with classic New Orleans furniture pumped up in proportion and palette. A red tufted sofa and commodious chairs by Christopher Guy offer a welcome and comfortable change to the more expected settee-and-bergères configuration.

A spirit of fun reigns over the house, with a daring palette—black lacquered walls in the study, a pink-and-red confection in the living room, a kitchen with blush lacquered walls—and modern art in place of the expected period artwork. At every turn there are moments of surprise and whimsy, such as the pink tufted “social” in the kitchen and the lit-from-within coffee tables in the parlor. A colorful piece of modern artwork is framed in the reflection of an antique gilt mirror, leaving no doubt that this house was made for ignoring the rules. “As I imagined how this home would be used, I pictured guests hanging out in the kitchen, drinking Bloody Marys with the windows to the balcony open and a parade rolling by,” she says. “The kitchen’s tufted ‘social’ came to mind as the perfect spot to gather.”

Kitchen windows open onto balconies, perfect for enjoying parades and cocktails.

In the formal parlor, lacquered black to set off the intricate plasterwork, contrasts are striking. “I chose the selenite coffee table for its resemblance to an iceberg—aglow and lending a cooling effect to the walls,” says Scott. Abiding with the balance of textures, leather and fur sofas provide natural warmth against the marble floors and coffee table. “I love the tension that is created between two opposing forces,” says the designer. “I see best when old and new collide. It’s electric!” Having banished the gloom from the historic home, Scott added one last touch for good measure. “As a gift for my client, I brought in a priest to bless the house.”

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