Before + After: A Refined Readjustment in Atlanta

Other changes, such as combining the kitchen, family room, and functional mudroom into one unified space, greatly improved the livability of the home. “We also visually tied these areas together by using bluestone flooring throughout, intermixed with a wooden inlay in the mudroom,” Duffy says. “As an added bonus, this interplay of materials keeps the family dogs cool when they are resting.”

By retaining much of the original plastered walls and oak flooring in the living room, library, and dining room, the design team seamlessly merged existing and new elements. As a finishing touch, they added flush, tongue-and-groove paneling in some rooms for an aged, well-established effect. “The house and guesthouse look like they’ve never been renovated,” says Norris. “Instead, they convincingly appear as if everything has always been this way.”

See all of the before and after photos in our Winter 2017 issue of Southern Home magazine.

Southern Home January/Februrary 2017

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