A Beautiful Blend of Southern Sophistication and California Cool

In the study, linen-covered bergères, a hand-painted desk, and embroidered window treatments create a soft look, while the charcoal gray ceiling beams and iron chandelier infuse a whiff of masculinity.

For the interior color palette, the designer chose ethereal hues that add to the positive energy. Predominantly neutral spaces are injected with pops of personality in the form of soft blues, greens, and pinks. Mottled undertones keep the pastels from reading too juvenile or overly feminine. Piles of pattern and texture also do their part. In lieu of frilly florals and heavy brocades, Dodson employed bold graphics and geometric motifs in small but playful doses and added visual and tactile interest by using the tone-on-tone textures of organic materials such as linen, cotton, and seagrass.

“Our family leads a hectic lifestyle, so I look forward to coming home to a pretty and peaceful environment,” says Kim. “Our house has a clean, polished look, but you can still rest your feet on the coffee table and forget about finding a coaster for your drink. That’s the real beauty of this home.”

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